Recent Poems

Laura Hinton, “Night Window.” (Photo taken in the Alpes Maritimes, France, January 2020.)

Speaking of Which

Speaking of Which 8 pleading for air horrific criminal justice system racial animus a cummerbund stanchions paucity of fairness an ostentation of suffering a recurrent illegitimacy charred chandelier three doves on a roof miniature wrecks of rotted speeches cracks in the porches thoroughness of american carnage charcoal in the copula buckets mocking a plinth beeswax …

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Three Poems

The Stance On the path to the morning that stands over her. The way he feels wouldn’t change the stance of this weather. There’s no way you can separate the pebbles from the dew.   Slow Motion To lean back into those nervous lunches Maybe I just love being in the hot tub with you …

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